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    I totally concur with my W+D colleague Ernst Vormwald's recent  EMA post on the success of this year's W+D  Direct Mail Days in Neuwied.  The direct mail relevance, especially after the enacting of very strict email laws earlier this year in Europe, have ...

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    ​ Successful Direct Mail Days 2018 at W+D Neuwied Last week the Direct Mail Days 2018 were held at W+D Neuwied, Germany. More than 140 attendees from over 20 countries and over 70 different companies came to Neuwied for this event. Main focus of ...

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    The Mailer Scorecard Webinar Brief: You've heard talk about the Mailer Scorecard, but what is it really? Join your EMA Postal Affairs Committee as they discuss the latest happenings with the USPS, what's happening on Capitol Hill, and a Scorecard 101: ...

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