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    APTech along with FSEA (Foil & Speciality Effects Assoc.) have created a new event called AMPLIFY. This is a single focus event about print and value add embellishments for paper-based communications. AMPLIFY covers everything from coatings, shape-cut, ...

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    RE: Tax statements

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    Jacob, I think you will see more of this if people aren't able to supply statement envelopes to the market in a timely manner. The bank might not have any options. Have a great day, Bob Ohr ------------------------------ Robert Ohr CEO Georgia ...

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    Tax statements

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    This is from my bank: Note: With "Online" delivery, paper copies of your documents will no longer be produced. Why can't I have it both ways? I want it sent to me in the mail and I want to be able to view it online. ------------------------------ ...

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