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    How much effect do these have on mail volumes? 1) the current weather  (mid Feb 2021) 2) USPS backlogs related to COVID and drastic increase in parcel shipments/processing? 3) General economic conditions? 4) Future postal rate increase? ------------------------------ ...

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    GEA Annual Report

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    I read the GEA report and found it interesting. Two questions: 1) What defines an envelope company?  As we expand into other products at what point are we no longer an envelope company?  Or will we always being an envelope company offering other products ...

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    W+D  presented the Virtual Direct Mail Days 2020 for the first time as a live online version of the well-known in-person industry event Direct Mail Days.  Over 300 participants from 25 countries registered for the event. In light of the pandemic and ...

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